AIM Publishing are the pioneers of cost-effective publications for Local Government Organisations.

We design & create a number of useful products for Councils and Hospitals that are both useful to their clients and beneficial to the local community.

  1. Planning & Development Folders

    Act as a one-stop-shop of information for the end user & gives Council a professional way to distribute Development Application related paperwork to customers.

    A great way to promote growth & development in both the local community and economy.

  2. Council Handbooks

    Designed specifically for the larger Councils, these are an improved version of the Planning & Development folders which include several internal pages – Enabling you to include a greater amount of detailed information for the end user, whilst still being a functional tool for storing & distributing paperwork.

    The handbooks are perfect for including information from all departments; from Planning right through to Tourism or New Resident info.

  3. Bereavement Booklets

    A thoughtfully designed publication for use at Hospitals & Health Services throughout the country – the Bereavement Books entail a wealth of useful and relevant information and resources for friends and family of patients who are dealing with grief.\

    When many people aren’t sure where to turn to for help, they can turn to our Bereavement Booklets for some assistance.

  4. Business Cards

    We can design and print business cards for your business or organisation. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

  5. Graphic Design

    We have professional and experienced in-house graphic designers who are able to assist in creating your businesses advertisements or artwork.